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    Dermal Fillers

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    Injectable fillers are substances used in aesthetic medicine to treat the following conditions:

    * Volume loss such as sunken cheeks
    * Aged lips and smokers lines
    * Nasolabial folds
    * Marionette lines (lines at the corners of the mouth)
    * Temporal wasting
    * Correction of facial contour (correction of the shape of the chin and nose )
    * The appearance of indented hypotrophic scars and acne scars can be improved.
    * Hand rejuvenation

    Volume restoration provides a visible and natural face lifting effect and improves facial contour.

    Injectable fillers improve the skin’s texture and hydration levels, making it look more agile, smooth and healthy.

    We use –  first non- animal hyaluronic acid based aesthetic dermal filler CE and FDA approved product to enhance your looks and make you look good and feel great.

    What is Hyaluronic acid?

    Hyaluronic acid is a smooth gel like substance that is normally present in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is found in high concentrations in specific body locations: in bones and cartilage, tendons and ligaments, scalp tissue and hair follicles, in the lips and eyes, in gum tissue, and in the skin. When we are young, large amounts of HA are present in the deeper layer of the skin – the dermis. HA has a great capacity to bind water molecules – up to 1000 times its volume. The water binding capacity of HA largely contributes to skin volume and its good level of hydration.

    As a result of the normal ageing process, the amount of HA in the skin decreases over time, and that contributes to the overall loss of volume of the skin and appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagginess. Along with degradation of HA, skin also loses its water reservoir and becomes dehydrated and dull.

    Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine can restore the HA supply in the skin due to the use of HA containing injectable fillers. HA fillers are made of synthetic Hyaluronic acid that is produced in different thickness/concentration and can be injected into the skin at different depths or in some cases under the skin depending on the conditions treated.

    Treatment with HA fillers is a fast and non–surgical alternative to facial and body rejuvenation with an immediate visual improvement in the appearance of the lines, folds and wrinkles and restoration of the lost volume in the treated area. Shortly after the treatment, clients can appreciate the improvement in skin hydration and texture (smooth skin, smaller pores), more radiant complexion. Injectable HA fillers have minimal or no downtime (i.e. healing time).

    About the Procedure:

    On average an appointment for injectable fillers takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of areas being treated. It starts with a consultation with the doctor, after-which a medical history is taken and a written informed consent is signed by the client. The procedure is well tolerated by most people.

    A topical anaesthetic is often applied to make the injections more comfortable. Some filler brands have a built-in 0.3% lidocaine to provide local anaesthesia. Based on the areas to be treated, additional injections of lidocaine may be administered for full local anaesthesia.

    To achieve the patient’s maximum satisfaction, fillers are often combined with other treatments . Your aesthetics doctor will advise you on the best course of treatment to suit your needs.


    48 hours prior to filler injections, it is advisable to refrain from alcohol, garlic, lidocaine and aspirin, or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain, swelling and/or fever.

    Taking these precautions will significantly reduce the risk of bruising or bleeding at the point of injection.


    There is minimal recovery time. For the first 24 hours following the treatment please avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol consumption.

    It is advisable not to apply make up for 12 hours. Avoid extreme sun and/or heat exposure, UV light, freezing temperatures and saunas for 2 weeks after the treatment.

    Contraindications for injectable fillers: As a precaution, fillers cannot be injected during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Abnormal wound healing (predisposition to keloids)

    Allergy to HA: Patients with known allergy to local anaesthetics must avoid fillers containing lidocaine.

    Blood clotting disorders: Concurrent acute skin infection in the area of injection.
    The combination of HA fillers with certain drugs may reduce or inhibit liver metabolism, and is not advisable.

    Uncontrolled Epilepsy:

    The use of steroids may elevate the risk of developing infection at injection sites.

    HA fillers have been used in millions of patients for more than 10 years worldwide, with a very low incidence of side effects and are therefore considered as being very safe.


    Similar to skins, natural hyaluronic acid, HA fillers will slowly degrade. Depending on the thickness of the fillers, they generally last up to 36 months with just two maintenance treatments. Injectable fillers will last longer in younger patients, and in patients that lead a healthy lifestyle.

    As our body metabolises out the HA fillers, it simultaneously produces new collagen and elastin. Thus, fillers also have a long term rejuvenating effect on the skin.

    Because the fillers stimulate collagen synthesis, the patient will notice that a year later, when most fillers may be gone, the skin is in much better condition than initially, before the treatment.


    As described above, immediately after the treatment with injectable fillers, the appearance of lines, wrinkles and volume loss is visibly improved.

    During the next two weeks post procedure, the injected fillers absorb water and expand in volume thus; the maximum effect will be achieved in 3 weeks’ time.

    It is expected to have mild redness and swelling at the injection points, which usually subside within a few hours and is easy to camouflage with makeup.

    More sensitive areas of the face, like lips and the area under the eyes, may retain swelling for longer.

    In most patients, a follow–up appointment is scheduled 2 to 4 weeks from the initial treatment with the purpose to correct/optimise the results and extend the life span of the fillers.


    One of the most common side effects of injectable fillers, is bruising. It is temporary and usually clears within 4 to 14 days.

    To minimise chances of bruising, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, aspirin and other blood-thinning substances a week prior to filler injections.

    Allergic reactions to fillers may occur, but they are rare. If during the consultation the doctor suspects the possibility of an allergic reaction, a small test injection will be done first in the hidden area of the body.

    There are some very rare complications that have been described: abscess formation, granulomas (small bumps), discoloration at injection sites, and necrosis (tissue death).

    Should any painful hardening develop after filler injections it must be reported to your medical aesthetician as soon as possible.

    Don't Just Take our Word for it

    Maddie Hornet
    Maddie Hornet
    10:36 14 May 22
    Amazing Clinic! Dr Fouzia Rizvi is a wonderful doctor and one of the most pleasant persons I met. She removed my... mother's skin tags and provided so much support and care, considering that my mum never had any surgeries (minor or major) and she was extremely nervous about having her skin tag removed. Dr Rizvi observed more than one skin tags that were to be removed and encouraged to have all of them removed for a more than reasonable cost. Everything was done in no time! We received clear advise of how to protect the sensitive skin for the following week post skin tags removal and now that this has been successfully completed, there is no sign of the tags being there! No complications, infections or etc etc. Highly reccomend this clinic especially because it offers a wide range of treatments and the staff there is super friendly! Everyone makes you feel cared and welcomed from the very beginning! 5 out 5 stars!!!! And thank you so much for the amazing service!🙏read more
    George Peirce
    George Peirce
    07:57 02 Apr 22
    Absolutely brilliant from the team at First Health. I had a mole removed from my face, the guys were incredibly... welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. I had no idea what to expect and it was over within 15 minutes, could not recommend them more! Brilliant price as well!read more
    Susan H
    Susan H
    05:16 02 Apr 22
    Highly recommended. This clinic is the best I have ever used. I have had moles removed before, but never with the care... I received yesterday.The doctor explained both the procedure and aftercare in detail - you feel like a person, not a more
    Jeremy Gould
    Jeremy Gould
    11:19 16 Mar 22
    Had a non-pigmented mole removed from my face. Initially went for it to be shaved but discovered it was a bit deeper... and had a better blood supply than expected, so it had to be cut and stitched. Very pleased with the result. It's healed very well. The whole process was very efficient and professional and I would definitely use them more
    Bikash Gurung
    Bikash Gurung
    18:19 06 Mar 22
    I had my skin tag & keloid removed. Thanks to professional team (ESP to Dr Fouzia & receptionist Justina). They were... very nice & sweet. Would definitely recommend to visit for skincare more
    Zoe Giles
    Zoe Giles
    18:10 20 Feb 22
    I was so impressed from the moment I had dealings with this Clinic. The Receptionist was very knowledgeable &... reassuring on the phone & booking an appointment was easy.Dr Rizvi was amazing & talked me through what procedures she recommended & was very professional. I ended up having a lot more done than expected & wished I'd known about this clinic earlier!!! Dr Rizvi clearly loves what she does & her charges are very reasonable compared to other clinics & more
    Beth Allen
    Beth Allen
    10:38 08 Feb 22
    I found First Health Medical online when researching whether to go ahead with a scar excision of an old medusa... piercing. There are so many clinics out there which offer £££ for a simple procedure. I would definitely recommend going here as the price was so reasonable and the service was impeccable. Dr Rizvi was honestly so knowledgeable and lovely which made me feel so at ease throughout. She talked me through the whole thing and made sure I was happy. The results speak for them self - I have only been left with a small scar which is still early days and will fade over time. I have attached before and after pictures so you can see the difference. I already feel a lot more confident that I no longer have a visible hole on my face. I’m so glad I came here and would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to repair old / unwanted piercings. Thank you again!read more
    Zoë Benton
    Zoë Benton
    21:29 07 Feb 22
    My experience at First Medical was fantastic. Dr Rizvi was so friendly and clearly explained all of my options for the... procedure. She did an incredible job and I’d highly recommend her to more
    Philip Denby
    Philip Denby
    19:41 07 Feb 22
    Only good things to say about this practice. Very professional and friendly. I had a large mole removed from my neck... and was treated with great care and consideration. Highly more
    Toby Haddock
    Toby Haddock
    13:06 19 Jan 22
    I had a large non viral wart removed from my finger just before Christmas. It has now healed and there is no sign of... its return. I thought the service was excellent and I'm very pleased with the result. Thanks very much!read more
    David King
    David King
    15:31 18 Jan 22
    Looked online to find a local clinic that carried out minor surgeryPhoned and booked an appointment for 2 days later.... Very professional centre and was treated by a lovely lady surgeon who did an amazing job on my neckHad the stitches out yesterday and it’s healed up beautifully. Well impressedDefinitely recommendread more
    Raghu Viswanathan
    Raghu Viswanathan
    20:19 31 Dec 21
    Mom had a long-standing issue with her right earlobe damaged due to her previous piercings. Dr Rizvi and the other... staff were very professional and polite during Mom’s main surgery (minor) and follow up appointments to remove the stitches. We are very satisfied with the surgical results and the care provided and will certainly go back to First Health Medical if the need more
    Sarah Denley
    Sarah Denley
    15:00 23 Dec 21
    Had Morpheus 8 with Dr Rizvi, which I would recommend very highly. Dr Rizvi is highly professional and extremely kind... and puts you at ease and explains the procedure. Skin tightening procedure which although a bit uncomfortable, very bearable and other than a bit of redness no other after effects. The results are fantastic, my skin is thicker and my jawline a lot firmer. I would recommend the clinic most more
    afcbrad gooner
    afcbrad gooner
    20:55 20 Dec 21
    Dr Fouzia was very efficient, professional and patient! Normally I am very squeamish but she made the experience very... calming. Justyna in reception was lovely too, very nice girl. Would recommend!!read more
    Livia Gorcsosova
    Livia Gorcsosova
    20:48 02 Dec 21
    Dr Rizvi has been absolutely superb, very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. However the lady at the reception Justina... has been very unprofessional. I have paid the asked amount at the reception and after I left the surgery she phoned me to return back to the surgery and pay the remaining £25 as she undercharged me, she was saying it like I was suppose to know the correct amount. I wouldn’t expect this kind of service from a private surgery. Very more
    desline Dee
    desline Dee
    10:23 17 Nov 21
    I used the service to have fillers. Very impressed with the sensitive professional care I received. Dr Rizvi carried... out the procedure. She explained in detail what was involved, and ensured my comfort at all times. I'm very happy with the outcome. I feel I'm looking very fresh and natural...more like my old self which I haven't seen in more
    Linda Goldsmith
    Linda Goldsmith
    08:41 16 Nov 21
    I would highly recommend this clinic.Dr Rizvi makes you feel at ease, I am very happy with the results of the... treatments I have more
    Tuli Vinny
    Tuli Vinny
    22:02 01 Nov 21
    I used the clinic last week to have a mole removed from my face. Dr. F.Rizvi carried on the procedure. I was very... satisfied the way she explained the procedure to me,she was very clear and very friendly at the same time,she made me feel at ease as I was a bit scared. Over all I was very satisfied with the service and the outcome of the operation. Definitely recommend this more
    Lucian de Lima Silva
    Lucian de Lima Silva
    13:35 16 Oct 21
    The service at this establishment was very good and very professional. Dr Risvi made me feel comfortable and was very... efficient in the diagnosis and on the treatment given. Nothing to complaint, I would definitely return to this establishment in the future if more
    Keith Hazell
    Keith Hazell
    17:44 11 Oct 21
    My first visit and delighted by the care and reassurance I received before, during and after my minor surgery. I will... certainly return. Highly recommended and completely more
    Martin Element
    Martin Element
    11:23 17 Sep 21
    Incredible treatment and wonderful staff.Had sebaceous cist removed. Highly professional and talked me through it.... Painless procedure and very successful outcome..No hesitation in recommending. A perfect solution for treatments not available on the NHS.Very happy with cost which was transparent and agreed before more
    Laurence Groom
    Laurence Groom
    22:07 17 Jul 21
    What can I say about Dr. Rizvi. I read some of her outstanding reviews before meeting her but having had a session to... remove a couple of moles I can tell you words cannot do her justice.She is obviously highly skilled but also creates such a warm and caring atmosphere. You feel completely looked after and you can tell this comes from a place of her wanting to use her talents to help people in the best way she can. She truly is an incredible woman and I can’t recommend her enough!read more
    Louisa Martinez
    Louisa Martinez
    12:05 15 Jun 21
    What a wonderful caring sweet doctor. Professional and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and respected. I was given... clear honest answers when I had questions. For the first time ever I was looking forward to seeing a doctor for the second time for stitches removal. I would highly recommend first health medical. The staff are all so friendly and accommodating. I’m still in awe with the doctor, she was just such a lovely woman with positive and warm energy, I felt in safe hands when I was having minor surgery. I can not praise this centre enough!read more
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