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Skin Procedures

Safe and affordable Minor Surgery where NHS or private insurances do not fund a cosmetic procedure  

If you’re concerned or even embarrassed about moles, cysts or skin tags or lesions, we can carry out a simple procedure designed to remove them once and for all.                                            

Cyst Removal

Consultation for an assessment with Diagnosis and Quote:

Our Surgeon will meet you personally for an thorough assessment of your problem and give a diagnosis wherever possible. He will talk you through the options and if there are a number of different ones clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages and guide you while you are free to choose.

You will be time to read the self-explanatory consent form and ask any question you like. At the end of the consultation he will sign the consent form with you.
Provided all paperwork is completed before surgery and if you choose to come back we can start with the surgery immediately.

When comparing our quote with other providers, please ensure they include the cost of lab fees into their quote.

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